AC fuel pump filter bags

This is going to lumps and XJ as these are the OEM pumps for SII but I
think the 350 has a greater negative effect on evap. loss devices than the

I have these parts, and was told by the PO that they are the cause of the
sometime vapour lock effects on my driving. I have no idea (per Haynes’
brilliant manual (sic)) how to go about replacing these. I have all day
tomorrow so any ideas???

If my terminology sucks as much as I think it does, these are 3 inch long
filter bag looking things which apparently vent to the outside. They have a
screw-cap fitting around the middle of them on the lengthwise side.

Also what’s the procedure/reputation for doing the charcoal canister and
the simplicity of said task. I’ve done it to a V4 before.


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