Accelerator / Carb Linkage

Hi, all…
My linkage is sticking a bit when I’m cruising and then take my foot off the gas to decelerate. It will maintain engine speed until I push the clutch in again and give the gas pedal a quick hit ( like you might do if the car was idling too fast ) … and then the car decelerates as normal.

Otherwise, engine runs like a champ. Properly tuned.

I just had the carbs rebuilt…have properly attached the carbs to the intake manifold and made sure all connections were properly tightened / aligned / working.

Is there some kind of lubricant that might help here…or do I need to just carefully recheck all the connections/movements while someone works the gas pedal, etc…or all of the above.


1965 XKE 4.2L OTS

Yes… and twenty more letters.


Start at the carbs, all other linkage disconnected, to make sure the throttle plates aren’t the cause.


Disconnect from carbs and check every each joint in the linkage.

Binding can occur ANYWHERE!

Use lubrication spareingly. Make sure all wear points are not sloppy as well.

At one point my linkage was hitting one of the overflow pipes causing it to stick. Not immediately apparent. A quick reposition of the pipe and all was well