Adding JCNA Concours Class for SS Sidecars

At present there is no class for Swallow Sidecar (SS) sidecars at JCNA Concours. I recently purchased a 1925 SS sidecar and would eventually like to show it for display or judging at JCNA Concours. I am proposing a change to JCNA Judging Rules to develop a 1922-1945 sidecar class. I am requesting Competition Class C1a/PRE, and Driven Class D1a for them. The class should allow for the sidecar to either be unattached or attached to a period motorcycle. I realize the term ‘period’ is somewhat ambiguous, but maybe that’s irrelevant as long as the host motorcycle is not being judged… If attached to a motorcycle, only the sidecar and it’s attachments should be judged.

I feel this will promote the early history of SS/Jaguar through JCNA, which up to this point only recognizes SS/Jaguar vehicles 1927-present. My (or others) sidecars displayed/shown at Jaguar Concours will help tell Jaguar’s early history.

One of the sections on the Judging Change Request Form asks whether this change has been proposed to the JagLovers Forum and what were the nature of the responses. Any input you provide will be appreciated.


Interesting thought, George.

I assume you’ve opened the same discussion with the proper folks as Jaguar Clubs of North America. It’s their call.

John Boswell. JCNA President agrees with me and asked that I please submit the rules change request…but that’s not the point of this thread. The rules change application specifically asks if the change request was proposed to JagLovers Forum, and what comments were provided.

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I’ve never seen a Swallow Sidecar in the flesh, despite actively participating in JCNA concours for 15 years from 1996 to 2010. Looking back I think it would have been interesting to see them on display along with all of Sir William’s other creations. It’s a part of the history of the Marque and should be included in my opinion.

Thank you John.

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