Admins please help us avoid inadvertent time warps

As much as I love the time warps I experience in my classic cars, I feel a bit frustrated by similar experiences on this list. Quite a couple of the last threads are zombie threads resurrected. The last one on “Occasional power loss puzzle” even indicates the first post by Nick to be from January 18 and at the same time from 11 hours ago ???

Do we have an automatic function to stimulate traffic by putting back old threads on top of the list or are these inadvertent mistakes?

Thanks and have a nice week end


I see some people dislike “zombie” threads,

but I was of the opinion the correct etiquette was to use the “Search” function first,
then decide whether to revive an old thread if your problem is the same, but you still need help

or choose to start a new thread (which would lack the benefit of previous wisdom)

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No doubt, Tony, it is good practice and expresses respect towards the list to first use the search function instead of posting the same question leading to the same answers. In such cases I have no problem with reviving old threads, to the contrary, I strongly support it.

My post was simply caused by the fact that there seemed to be a coincidence of little list traffic during the last weeks and a high relative amount of such revived old threads.

Adding to that I experienced in the past that my jaglovers website display was occasionally thrown about making me write comments until I found that the thread had reached an entirely different stage, e.g. the problem had already been solved. Hence my question.

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There is no automatic function to reanimate old threads in order to create zombie-topics. It will be a case of someone searching up an old thread and continuing it, something I think is quite good and proper.



I agree with you, Nick; ‘right and proper’.

The ‘problem’ would be alleviated if everyone posted the solution to the problems presented in the original post. Eliminating the need for revival of a thread to ask for the solution…:slight_smile:

Like Ick did with his hazard warning lamp lit at left turn indication - symptoms and solution in one fell swoop…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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