Advice buying an XF

(Brett) #1

My daily driver is starting to show its age and mileage now that its about to hit 250k miles. With that said, I’m starting to consider replacing it. At the top of the potential replacement list is an XF. In a few days I’m planning on going to look at a 2010 XF 5.0 supercharged. I’m pretty good at finding general issues with any car purchase, but is there anything specific to these cars I should look at more closely? Any weak points or things that commonly break that are not easily replaced?

Thanks in advance!

(JimD in Alabama) #2

Brett - - not a direct answer to question, but if it is of any use - - wife has had a 2009 XF supercharged for 6 years now (we bought it as second owner off lease). It hasn’t given us any trouble , which is a good thing since the closest dealer is 3 hours away

(Brett) #3

Thanks for the feedback Jim. The dealer ended up finding an issue with the car and auctioning it off since they didn’t want to deal with it, so I never actually got to see the car. Interestingly enough, the same car has now shown up for sale at another local used car dealer. However, an XF is still on my want list, so I’ll be watching the For Sale ads.