AEU1722 Cover for CEI Dist Doesn't Fit?

Hey folks, I prob have an old account from many years ago but have been a lurker for recent times finding tons of info as needed in these forums. So thank you for that!

Curious if anyone has had this issue - rebuilding ignition on this 89 XJS V12, Lucas CEI. Advance fully fixed up and reassembling. Got a new plastic cover to go with it as the original has a broken end.

Well it’s an official Jaguar part yet it doesn’t fit!

I filed the holes open a tad bit it’s gonna require way too much to really get it to fit. Not gonna do that. Squeezing it can shrink the holes to fit but then the plastic part is warped and under stress. Unacceptable.

I always harp on the poor downward slide we are in with aftermarket and even now OEM parts quality. I’m guessing it was mis made. But anyway curious if anyone else has had this?

For now I got the old one in repair and will probably use it. Just one small peice gone at one screw hole so I’m reattaching it using a tiny bit of high heat epoxy.

Pic of new part not fitting Attached - just tossed on for this pic to display the outer screw holes being too far apart. Not necessarily aligned right orientation :sunglasses:

Here’s the old one if curious, plenty fixable and letting epoxy cure - but kinda annoyed I bought this new one and it won’t fit :joy:

Yep, same problem.

I bought aftermarket for $10 and it didn’t fit.
Tried another outfit paying $20 for oem. It had the jaguar part sticker, made in china. Thicker plastic, but same wrong size.

No idea if/when manufacturing will get it right.

I’ve been running without one for 8 months now. IMO they are only a dust shield.

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M O 0 might just be the way my compter is displaying your picture, but have you tried to lay the cover over in a 180 degree different orientation - Tex.

I did try several orientation attempts thinking it was perhaps the issue but nope, it’s mis-manufactured it seems

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Well that makes me feel better and that I’m not going crazy. Yet another instance of parts quality dropping to file away sadly.

Here’s the label, including location of manufacture. Sounds like their tooling isn’t correct so the chances of this getting resolved is low.

Best we can do is send it back for refund. That’s what i did. Hopefully the supplier will push back on the manufacturer.

This will be a good part to 3D print one day.