After-Market Radios & Antennas

If you seriously would pay $100 for a photocopy, then $69.99 for a copy on USB drive of every XJS owners manual ever printed plus all the shop manuals should be a no brainer:

Wow, looks like that source has just about everything there is on the XJS (from the factory). :open_mouth: Here I have been ordering c.d.s here and there with bit pieces of things (and probably “bootleg”, to boot), but this one is comprehensive. Wish I had known about it a long time ago. :crazy_face: Thanks, John! :smile:

$120.00 for the USB version.
$69.95 for online ebook.

Either price seems pretty decent if one does not have a decent XJS library already started.

What is the copy protection on these? There has been complaints before that one company was supplying software installs that get tied to a particular device, and if it dies, then you have to buy it all again.

The hole is in the early cars, on later cars the antenna is right in front of the spoiler. In both cases, you have the problem of the antenna being vertical, but the spoiler moves through an arc. So they will snag against each other until you wait for the antenna to fully retract.

Their site says you can move your license from one device to another…but can only run on one device at a time.

Regards the documentation I just bought the 120 dollar version. Using some of my stimulus money. Will report back to the forum on ease of use and restrictions after I get the product

Does it say anywhere that they purchased the rights to reproduce and distribute the copyrighted documents from Jaguar? Or are they and buyers of their products violating copyright laws?


Great question Paul. I didn’t see the answer … made the assumption that since they seemed to have a ton of Jaguar (all models) pubs and other brands, that they were affiliated and licensed.
Hate to think I just bought pirated stuff…

My radio antenna was dead when I bought the car, I decided instead to buy a $15 antenna that sticks on window (80% as good I would say) instead of wasting money on real antenna. Why? Radio stations these days suck, bad music and a million annoying ads. So I rarely listen.

So I removed my 80s Jag stereo and put in an aftermarket one that has an exterior jack so I can stream mp3s from my smart phone.

Sounds great!

I wonder if you can install it on a thumb drive, and then if your 'puter dies you could just plug the thumb drive into a replacement 'puter.

I see the same document on a stick at the XKs Limited site.
Once I get the product from OTP I can report if it is user friendly. I will make it a new thread.

The OTPub website does not mention if they are licensed by Jaguar but Jaguar Heritage is selling the OTPub software themselves. The sheer content of the software shows they had access to Jaguar’s library. I’m talking every single TSB, leaflet, handout, document, electrical guide… radio manual, tire warranties, it’s all there.

FileZilla does suck, but when I changed PCs I just emailed OTPub and they had me relicensed on new laptop no problem.

Steering this back to the antenna discussion, has anyone installed a remote switch for their power antenna? I have a 96 XJS with a spoiler and I recently installed an after market radio with bluetooth. I rarely listen to local radio stations and instead stream radio stations or listen to satellite radio from my iPhone. I have twice come close to breaking my antenna with the spoiler. With the JVC unit, my antenna goes up even when not listening to the radio.

Has anyone installed a manual switch to activate the antenna. I would still like to have it for the few times I actually need it.

Thanks - Kevin

Like the one pictured in #3?

So sorry, just remembered that virtually all the pictures from the “old” site are gone. Well, they are not, just the new and improved software does not display them properly.

Here is the picture, not just the thumbnail showing where I decided to hide the aerial (the Britts call it this way) switch:

Perfect. Thanks for the quick reply!

That looks good Steve. Does the ashtray cover close and hide the switches?

Thanks Jim. The cover closes, of course… :-))

I did this for the same reason Kevin wants to do it – when the CDs are on, there is no need for an antenna to be up.

The aux fan – well, I will admit it - OCD

I was thinking or locating a switch in the center console box. Does anyone know if these are “blanks” for possible switches?