After rebuild - Lubricant recommendation

Hello all,

The time is nigh when I will be able (or at least I will intend…) to start the XJ6 engine on a jig.

I am reading about lubricants, and I am usually a big fan of simple mineral 20W50 (California weather).

But I wonder about:

  • My leaning
  • Zinc additives
  • Other…

I know that threads about engine oil are rabbit holes… but I thought I’d give this a shake just to see :slight_smile:


I live in the UK , so the Oil I use is no good to you , but it’s Rye Oil , with a high Zinc content 20/50 , last lot was £52 deliverd !
May be worth thinking about a running in oil , well used in the good old days , but long forgot one thinks :thinking:

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Ah I did not know there was such a thing as “running in oil”. That’s what I need then, thank you!

It’s not really “needed.”

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Yes, I am reading about this. It looks like just simple usual 20W50 mineral will do the job.

And high zinc mineral after first oil change.

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