Aftermarket rubbers , no not that kind!

The mk10 needs a whole set of new door rubbers , but that path is fraught with disaster because of the Ill fitting offerings out there ! Does anyone know of a decent product . Perhaps from personal experience .

someone on Ebay is advertising MKX door rubbers that have the corners ready made to (allegedly) fit.

The ones I used on my 420G were in continuous lengths, forcing a cut & join at 45* on one corner.

Even though they fit very well in other respects, that corners brushes on the vehicle when the door closes for an airtight fit, and unless you do a very good job of cut & glue, they can separate

This describes the “rubber on doors”

There is a complimentary set call “rubber on body” which is 3 pieces, one of which is about 12ft long

Hi Kenny, I have used C.O.Baines in the UK for all my weather trim, by far the most accurate trim out there. Used their kit for my 420 restoration. Zero issues! Well worth the wait in shipping from the UK. Every piece is factory correct unlike most kits today.

Thanks for the input Allen .