Air conditioner foam rubber

I know this has been kicked around… I have had bits of foam on the floor… I’m not tearing dash apart… seldom use ac… Don’t want drain tubes plugged though… so … Where are bottom ends of drain? Can air be blown into the drains or what to clean them? Can the dash grille be popped off to get it cleaned? What say any experienced gurus on this.

Dave, the first photo was taken after the trans. was removed, but it will give you an idea of where the drains are located, as they come through the floor. Car will have to be raised so you can get underneath, then you will have to get around the exhaust pipes, and transmission, to reach the drains. A piece of stiff wire will work to clear them. If water runs down your arm you have succeeded.
Cleaning from above is possible, but it entails removing the blue PVC ductwork from the blower motors. Then you could vacuum out the bits of foam from above. I have done this, but you have to be a contortionist . Just removing the RHS blue ductwork will give enough access to reach across the evaporator to the LH drain. Dash grille removal won’t help.
(Apologies to Gregma for more photos.)