Aj6/16 Manual Transmission Swap

Hello everyone, I’m currently building a XJSR6 using the XJR6 engine from an x300 XJR. I was just wondering what people over in America do if anyone has done one before. I’m in California and it is very difficult to source a getrag gearbox. If anyone has done the swap please let me know what gearbox you used. I’m thinking of using a tremec gearbox or maybe a Toyota Supra 5 speed.

Yes i Used a Tremec TKO 600 5 speed . It was in kit for my then 91 XJ-S 5.3 12cyl. BTY that’s the only trans I chose for the price, fit, durability & not going with a kit swap is going to be super tough.

I did the manual getrag 5 speed swap with a 94 XJS. AS Jaguar had this option I was able to source all the parts from a breakers in the UK. There were a few manual X300’s produced if you dig around on UK breakers you may find one.

What year is your XJS?