Almost new XJ220 up for auction

I spotted this, thought it was worth a thread:

Black 6.2 litre V12? Am I missing something here? Not entirely familiar with XJ220

Only the original prototype had a V12, the rest had the turbo V6.

Looks like a v6 to me.

Yes it’s the V6, saw both of them at JDHT.

Its amazing how ignorant auctioneers can be.

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That 4 cam v12 - oh momma - what a piece of art.


@V12_Racer Will make you a brandy new one, with prettier cylinder heads:slight_smile:

It doesn’t look black to me, and the V12 never went into production.
Obviously a twin turbo V6 stock motor
Typical used car salesman’s hyperbole!!!

What a shame…14 years and only 64km. This car needs to be driven!