Alternator link adjustment bracket ‘distance washers’ C24456

Trying to get my new alternator adjustment bracket installed (C24455) properly on S1 4.2. Search in the archives say the distance pieces (C24456) are 7/32 thick. Found some spacers this size in my parts bin, but using them doesn’t allow the adjustment link to properly line up with alternator. Also, the threaded stud on the bracket that the adjusting link attaches to is uncomfortably close to the alternator belt. Is 7/32 really the proper size? If not, what is? Thanks,


I suggest you use sufficient spacers that allows the best alignment to the water pump pulley (parallel). Then use washers/whatever to close the other gaps. From recent experience there are different water pump casting thicknesses (where the alternator bracket attaches) that influence the necessary spacers… it might also be necessary to modify the hole in the alternator bracket that bolts to the side of the block.
Just been thru this on a friends 4.2

They are that size on my car.