Am i crazy? 1995 XJ6

Hello everyone!

I normally stalk around on the Saloooon page, i have a 1961 MK2 project, but i stumbled upon a 1995 XJ6 on FB marketplace in my area for $1K. I’ve always loved the x300 series jags, i’ve always thought they were the last “real” Jags and i might buy one to use as a daily to work and back. 40 miles round trip. She’s been sitting for about 4 years, the current owner said it ran and drove when he got it but has too many cars so he stopped driving it. He said he thinks it will run fine if the fuel system is flushed out. I can do all my own work, i rebuilt the engine in my MK2, i figured a thorough tune up, new tires, new brake hoses, lots of cleaning and possibly a new fuel pump. The interior is super clean and I’m waiting on the owner to tell me the mileage but he thinks its under 100k. I like to work on cars so the labor is no issue, i figure $1K to get it running reliably (a reliable jag lol) plus the initial purchase and im way under other XJ6s listed in my area. Barring any catastrophic issues of course. I added a few pictures of her, shes pretty dirty. Thoughts?

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Buy it before we figure out where you live and buy it ourselves


Yep go for it, unless it’s been parked on grass. That can cause all sorts of problems!

Well the owner got back to me, he says the car has 180k miles. At that mileage should I be worried about the transmission? Its has been parked on that driveway the whole time, not on grass.

At 180,000 miles, you should be worried about everything… :slight_smile:

That said, for 1000 bucks, and maybe $1000 for a service you might have a fairly decent car.

The price more than makes up for the mileage. My XJS has 200k with same transmission and no issues have come up. Change the fluid and forget about it, You could get 50k miles out of this car after a quick spruce up. If you don’t buy it, and it’s anywhere near New Hampshire, I”d be buying it.