Annual contribution

There is a thread from 2022 regarding the ability to set an annual contribution. No resolution of that via Patreon was ever posted. Has there been a change? Like others, I really do not want monthly deductions and I refuse to utilize PayPal. Help, please.


Trying to bump this question because there has not been a response. Thanks.

I’m looking into it now. Seems like we have to perform some changes to our Patreon account setup, so I’m trying to figure out all the potential consequences first.


Any progress with this issue? Thanks.


Sorry, I’ve been on vacation. Just got back, and work is… you can imagine. Stacks. High.

Thanks for your patience and your reminders, much appreciated.

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Hope vacation was to a great place. Us retired people, however, wish to know what is this “vacation” of which you speak?

I am not a lover of Paypal, but curious why you dont want to use it for this?

Is it just the fees ?

(One has little choice if on uses Ebay)

Have had several friends get cheated by PayPal and some of their vendors. I would be glad to mail a check via online banking or use Zelle to get funds to the forum.

Thankyou for replying with a cogent reason

Although I have not yet personally been cheated by Paypal as a buyer or seller,
I can certainly can see the potential for it to happen…which would be very annoying

Their fees are also quite high and opaque, especially on Ebay overseas transactions

Thought I would check for progress on the initial question. Starting to feel like a freeloader.

I never liked the Patreon P on my face so contribute annually through PayPal. Works. Almost effortless. Supports the site.