Another clogged radiator

These cars really are all the same. I’m on V12 #6, and yet again, the radiator is clogged with debris. They are literally ALL like this. Here’s another non-surprise… the DPO must have put in some extra cold thermostats because it doesn’t even come up to temp on most days.

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Yeeeee-eck! That’s not good.

And also think just how clogged it is likely to be inside. Does anyone have the dry weight of a new radiator, so that a check can be made on the viability of a radiator like this even with the crud removed.

Do you really think that you could clogged it would be by such a small weight difference inside…I doubt it

Doesn’t necessarily mean inside of radiator is clogged.

Suitable rodent habitat.

Greg…think about it… the only reason you would want to know an original weight would be for the hidden(inside) part…it would be obvious to remove exterior stuff then weigh radiator to know how much was on outside. weight wise…trying to figure out the amount of scum on inside would be a moot point because if its clogged its clogged…no offense, but some times I really believe there is too much overkill in thinking. I don’t think some of this stuff is rocket science level…or just that we have to have something to kick around a bit…Just pure mechanics…oh well it’s raining here today LOL

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I took a peek inside with a pinhole camera and it all looked pretty good! Pressure washed the outside so I’m just going to throw it back in.