Another Mystery Part

Can’t seem to find a Part Number to go with these two small clips or where they go. Also, not sure if they belong to an earlier E-type Series ;they don’t appear in the S3 parts catalogue.
So I’m hoping an Eagle-Eye’d expert may have a clue about them.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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The one in the center is a U. S.dime, minted in Denver.

You’re welcome. :rofl:

EDIT: .The other two clips look like the clips that hold the wiring to the back of the AC evaporator housing on a Series II.


WOW… I’m Gobsmacked!!!

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I just happen to have a Series II A/C Evaporator. Will investigate that. Thank


We’ve been in the top for those kinda clips…:wink:

I have seen those other clips on my S1, but do not recall where. They were minted in Britain…:smiling_face:

Thanks Paul, I’m leaning towards an SII series application, just don’t know WHERE!!!

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May not be Jaguar parts. Definitely cable clamps though. Similar to C17287

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My S1 fhc had clips like that on the inside edge of the padded cantrail trim piece near the top of the A-post clipping the chrome edge trim ends, but I left them out because the were rusty & visible & serve no purpose since the chrome trim grips the edge of the cantrail firmly.

Thanks Randall. Another lane to investigate. Now to find an S1 Parts book… Ha Ha.



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I don’t see it in the original parts catalogue, it just shows the complete cantrail.

I believe I have one of those on the release cable in the trunk. A PO did a fair bit of repurposing, so I don’t know for sure if it came from there.