Another term for "Lower Control Arm Bushing"?

My local mechanic is competent, but lacks Jag specific knowledge. He says the left side rear lower control arm bushing has too much play and should be replaced. (this is after recently replacing the bearing on the same wheel, which he said wasn’t too surprising if the poor bearing exacerbated wear on the bushing)

He couldn’t locate the part through his vendors and suggested I locate one through a specialty site (Like SNG, or others).

That said, I couldn’t find a bushing for a “rear control arm”. Is it called something else?

(Edit to add: '97 x300, US spec)

Will show you the break-down of what you need? If/When you see it, click next at the bottom of the page then click the part + sign to get the Number to look for, or buy it from them if available.

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