Another William Lyons

There’s a story in today’s Wall Street Journal about a William Lyons from California who has owned his XK140 FHC for 55 years.

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His story of being hooked on that model at first sight is the same as mine. I remember seeing a white XK140 OTS parked on a regular basis at a Southern California marina in the mid 70s and thinking, “That is the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen”. This, at a time when I was totally indifferent to cars in general. Those few times I saw it started me on the path to the XK120 I own now. And the moment I saw this latest one awoke the same feelings I had after seeing that other one way back then. Exactly so. I went through the motions of checking it out and I had my poker face on but truth be told, I was mentally pulling out my wallet within 30 feet of first sight.

Me too. Every day riding the school bus to high school I would see a 120FHC along the route and I said someday I’ll have one of those. 10 years later I did.