Anti lock brake light on in VDO info

Looking for the anti lock relay location and any other help getting this problem fixed?

What year is your XJ6? None of the XJ6s on this list have ABS. I suspect that you need to be on the Jag-Lovers XJ40 list where your model is discussed.


Oh, Mine is a 1989 so I thought this would be the correct place?

It is a Vanden Plas, I guess I can ask in the sj40 forum I just didn’t want to ask in the wrong area?

Your 1989 XJ6 is a very different car from the Series I, II, and III XJ6s and XJ12s discussed on this list. It was a new model that Jaguar introduced in about 1986 and in the USA in 1988. It has very few parts in common with the cars discussed on this list. Your model XJ6 is often referred to by the internal project code that Jaguar used for this new model, XJ40.

The Jag-Lovers Forums Home page shows which model is discussed in each list. I recommend that you post your questions on the Jag-Lovers XJ40 list where your model is discussed.


Thanks for the help Paul.
I wasn’t sure which forum to use since mine is a 1989 xj6 and the xj forum says from 1965-1992, but will try my luck on the xj40. Thanks again

Understandable, the 1988-1992 range only covers the XJ12 version of the S111 on this forum this is because the V12 didn’t fit in the XJ40 engine bay.


In 12 cylinder version production continued until 1992, and - to complicate matters further - from 1990 on series 3 cars also had ABS …

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)