Any way to recover the photos linked to here?

[E-Type] Pat O’Briens XKE-R & Stoneleigh Jag Spares Day Pictures - E-Type - Jag-lovers Forums

The photo links are dead. Any way to recover them?

I don’t know, it’s beyond my capabilities. We need a programmer with lots of PHP experience, preferably someone who’s been around for a while and who remembers older syntax of PHP coding (PHP3 and PHP4).

That person then needs to sit down and reverse engineer how the Photo Albums were implemented, because there’s no documentation, not even comments in the code.

If we can find someone who’s able and willing to do this, then there’s hope. Otherwise …

PHP is one of the 50 or so languages I’ve used over the years, but that would certainly be well above my pay grade…


Hey! Turns out only the thumbnails re broken! click on the placeholder, and the actual photos are there! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, like I said, I did kind of get it working…