Any X300 experts here? Parting out

Hello everyone,

What are the priority parts to save from a 97’ XJ6?

So I am gearing up to buy another 95’-97’ XJ6 X300 as I totaled mine in November. But I still have my old totaled one and i would like to strip it of any useful parts before Mobdro scrapping it. For a little context its not mangled its just at the bleeding edge of totaled (more dollars damage vs. buying one of equal condition).

Thank you!

If possible
Cup holder arm rest they always break
Rear view mirror if not fuzzy
And rip the damn leaper off and keep it as it’s a work of art!
Throttle body for spare
Good luck

I’d take the wheels off, for mounting winter tires, but then the hulk is immobile. Take out the CD cassette, then you can have two loaded up for trips. Since it’s going to the wreckers, save all the manuals. For removing the leaper, 3M makes a spray adhesive solvent that works well.

  1. Grab some coils…always good to have a few known working spares
  2. Consider taking the camcover…you may want to fix the bubbling magnesium while it’s off the car and swap it on to the new one!
  3. Injectors with clips? I’d take all six…with the locking clips! Darn clips always get lost or break at the worst time.
  4. Throttle body, particularly the TPS
  5. MAF is a must
  6. Maybe plastic intake elbow? It has a plastic threaded port that gets brittle and breaks over time for the air temp sensor.

I think that’s it.