Anybody have these and what years hadem

tool kit

My 85 had the jack, handle, and it’s bag.
I remember the tool kit, but not exactly what was in it other than some Jaguar screwdrivers. I don’t think it had the little pockets for individual tools, but did have flaps that folded over the ends to keep the contents in.

My wife’s '92 has that jack in a “carpet” bag, and the tool kit in a plastic box - don’t know if the inventory is complete - no inventory listing, but based on the illustration, looks to be complete.

My 88 only has the jack and bag… no small tools… Did 88 have a full set of tools?

That was “an option” during the purchase, usually for people who were not aware how to use them. Purely guessing, Jaguar was charging them £5k for it…You can still get plenty of those from UK boot sales for £5, however I have heard the prices on eBay are reaching £200 (probably for the people not aware how to use them…)

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