Anyone... cable operated throttle?

There is a great throttle cable for the E-Type that does away with the Rube Goldberg linkage setup (LHD cars are a horror show). I’m wondering if anyone has fitted a cable pedal-to-carbs setup on their 120-140 LHD?

The cable arrangement on my MGA is so easy I have to consider it.

I am in the process of converting to a cable…using a bicycle brake cable and sheath. I have fabbed up an intake manifold-mounted bracket so far, with a small pulley to keep the cable aligned. My car did not come with a gas pedal and associated pivot so I felt free to design my own system, though I do have the other rods and brackets. Am not at the point to go much further right now, however. I will probably source a junk yard, cable-style pedal at some point to tie everything together.

My experience is that a cable system is smoother and more precise than rods and pivots so I applaud your efforts.

I have done it in one of my videos

Is part of yours missing? Could it be set up wrong? I’ve never had any trouble with my throttle linkage; LHD 120 with heater.

Rob, my 120’s in intact but the car’s not running and is coming apart. The nearly identical linkage is on my 4.2 and it’s taken quite a lot of time to get it working smoothly. So many places to wear old lube and dirt to cause sticking.

Are you guys using push-pull cables for the throttle? One of the intrinsic safety features of a solid rod and bellcrank mechanism is that if the throttle return spring spring fails you can pull the throttle closed with your toe. Most racing throttle pedals have a hook on the side for just this purpose. I don’t think bicycle components can do push.

I’ve been reading this thread with interest. It’s been discussed before. I don’t know that I’ve ever driven an E-type with cable actuated throttle. Likely not, so don’t have a comparative. If I have a beef with my original linkages it would be variable return to idle at stop signs. A blip of the throttle settles it down, otherwise no problem with responsiveness.

I rather enjoy the feel of the throttle on my right foot just as it is.

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Cable throttles, properly set up–and “properly” is the key term–do have a better feel.

That said, the Rube Goldberg-y linkage on a left-hooker Jag (and I’ve driven lots) seemed to work just fine.