Anyone have info on these

So i was browsing through eBay for NOS stuff and stumbled across these. Does anyone have info on these? I didn’t know TWR made parts for the public apart from the XJRS

6…a full set???

Also TWR is not the same as TRW, a large supplier of engine parts.

Ah crap I didn’t catch different spelling, that makes much more sense.

Interesting, these are available for GBP 2.74 each here
That’s GBP 16.44 for a “set” of 6. Or about GBP 33 for a useful number.

You are working on a V12, right?

Yes, just kidding about the “6”. Makes me wonder what the vendor thinks a Jag V12 is, if he thinks you only need 6 valves. Even had me double guessing myself counting on my fingers …

Unfortunately if you drill down into the link I included they show no stock. So not much point offering them at a low price.

Helping someone fix a Volvo straight six, and even that needs 12 exhaust valves.

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Must be 4-valver I’m not aware of…:grimacing: