Anyone here use inline coolant filters?

I’m thinking of placing one inline in the top radiator hose before initial startup and for the first few months or so afterwards. Just curious to know if others do the same. My block had been jet washed as California frowns on boiling them out the old, better way and I had my head machined too so, there’s probably some swarf still in there somewhere. Anyway, I had my radiator rebuilt with four rows instead of the three so I want to be diligent about keeping stuff out.

I’ve looked online and I like the ones with a cap for access/ cleaning but for the materials – plastic – and price (ripoff), I’ll probably make my own.

Thoughts? Thanks.

I think some have proposed it on the #xj list, or it is on the old site somewhere. I think the choice was ‚Tefba‘ or just a mesh and a clamp.
The search returns a lot, thoughts and probably cheaper/pretty choices.

I usually use an old sock or similar in the top radiator hose - pretty low tech but it seems to work.

@Kirbert has some experience with them.

have heard a woman nylon stocking does the job, cut the toe end off

can attest they are pretty tough as I use them to tie orchids and other epiphytic plants into trees and they last years without any apparent degradation in open air conditions

Good replies. I never attached much importance to it before but the postings and pictures on the XJ forum imply otherwise. I’d hate to know the recent radiator work I had done would be negated with crap floating around in the system. Those radiator tubes are so very thin.

When I had a new alloy rad built the fabricator said to put a radiator sock in line to catch any iron rubbish from the engine as due to electrolysis the rad wouldn’t last long. This is what I bought
Haven’t run the motor yet so can’t comment on its effectiveness. Usual statement applies as to having no affiliation with the product or seller.

Cheers Peter

“epiphytic” I learnt a new word today :slight_smile: