Anyone know the color of this Mk2?

(tapped) #1

I’m in the long final stretch for my '62 Mk2 restoration (with some tasteful mods). I’ve found a couple pictures online of two Mk2s that are driving my inspiration for period correct race/rally modifications. My car is Old English White with black interior (original combination). I’ve been thinking of keeping it this way, but shared a few pictures with a friend who’s now making me question a color change. The entire shell is stripped so a color change is doable that won’t look like a color change (if you know what I mean).

Inspiration photo #1 – anyone know the color of this car? Jaguar apparently had more than a few shades of gray! And if this is your car…it’s a beauty!

Inspiration photo #2 – I know this is Old English White. Beautiful car!

I already have black MWS competition lace wheels like on the gray car and Combs spats on order. Will run 205/70-15 tires with a slightly lowered stance.

Anyone know the color of the gray car?


(Paul M. Novak) #2

Possibly Cornish Grey?


(Ian) #3

Looks like Pearl Grey , there was a few Coombs MK2’s in that colour ,
If it was me it would be back in Old English White , but then I would say that :sunglasses:

(Paul M. Novak) #4

I had my ongoing 1957 MK VIII restoration project (see attached picture) repainted in Pearl Grey over Old English White. The original colors were Cornish Grey and Mist Grey, although that is not the way it looked when it arrived on the tow truck. :wink:



(Paul Wigton) #5

The late JL lister, Dick Hines, had a MkVII, by the name of “Her Majesty” (IMS)!

(tapped) #6

Maybe it’s not a stock Mk2 color. Does look close to Cornish Grey. May need to see if I can make contact with the owner. Appears to be in Sweden based on the website I found it on.

I too like Old English White. I guess I’m testing my appetite for change.

(Paul M. Novak) #7

It is definitely difficult to sort out shades of colors on the computer, but as you will see from my MK VIII, Pearl Grey is a much lighter color than the color on the MK2 you asked about. Cornish Grey is a possibility.


(John Quilter) #8

Concur that photographs and exterior lighting can change colors dramatically. Here are shots of my Morris which is in BMC’s pearl grey used circa 1959-60. BMC’s pearl grey must have differed considerably from Jaguar’s. One photo shows the color in summer sunlight the other in winter overcast.