Anyone measured WHEEL center bore? (tolerance vs hub center bore)

Just wondering if anyone has measured the ID of the center bore on OE Jaguar wheels, as opposed to the well-known 73.85 mm measured at the hub. I’m basically trying to see how much tolerance there is between the hub OD and wheel ID, as the set of wheels I’m looking to buy have a 74.1 center bore. Thus far it seems this will be just a tad too large/loose, and I’ll have to get the center bore machined out to a 76.0 or 78.1 to then be able to use custom-ordered hub-centric rings. I know I could just treat it as a lug-centric wheel, as it will have tapered seats and lug nuts, and tighten it gradually and sequentially, but I’ve never liked that “solution” and I’d rather have a centering ring if at all possible.

Reason I can’t grab the measurement myself is multifold, as all my tools are at home in the US and the local friend whose home garage I borrow from time to time for minor DIY stuff doesn’t have calipers, on top of the fact that the current wheels are also not OE, so no guarantee that their center bore is correct, either. I know there are a number of folks here with aftermarket wheels as well, so I figured it would be better to ping the forum for info before making the order, rather than jumping in and having a “dang it” moment later.

74.1mm will work just fine. You can buy carbon fiber spacers - if you wish to fine tune it. Your actual CD depends on age and amount of diameter rusting away. BMW E39 wheels are perfect match (even if 5x120 not 5x4.75). You won’t get any measurement repeatability on Xjs hubs I’m afraid (hence tapered lug nuts). Same with the wheels. Got 74mm on 15inch lattice rim, probably 75mm after scraping-off the oxy… Prepare for 2 different dimensions of spacer rings required.


.25mm is .010”, which is well within the radial runout specifications (.030” on most cars and motorcycles).

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Thanks for the reply, guys. I forgot to update the post, the day after I posted actually, I talked with a work colleague who used to work in a tire shop a few years back, and he also told me that the difference for a wheel with 74.1 mm center bore is within acceptable tolerances.