Anyone recall where this belongs?

Kinda looks like a steering rack gaiter heat shield, but worn down somehow.

John: Thanks for your response. If it is a steering rack age, where would it be located?

By the way, the photo is upside down. I thought it was part of the alternatives, but maybe not.


Love your fender / wing cover, Lou. Where’d you get it? I want one :slight_smile:


Thanks, a unique combination of functionality and appearance. They are truly heavy duty and look like new after at least 20 years of daily use. Unfortunately don’t recall where they came from. I will take a close look at them the next time I am in the garage, a remote location, and advise you.


if there is any manufacturer markings on them.

They are particularly helpful at shows in guarding against “learners”.

Good thing about an E Type: no damage to paint from people learning over the engine…:joy:

Access goes something like this:
Mk2: can’t see it or get to it
E Type: can see it but can’t get to it (vacuum vessel a personal favourite)
XJ6 can see it and get to it.