Aquamarine JGY vs JHF

Hi all, it’s me again with more questions!
My car is Aquamarine Mica JGY while later cars have Aquamarine Pearl JHF.
My question is, putting them side by side, how much different do they look.
The reason why I’m asking this, is that my car bonnet and boot lid have loads of crazing and I found a breakers online that has a bonnet and a boot lid in very good condition, but it’s JHG, not JGY.
It’s much cheaper than respraying the two panels, so I was wondering if it would really stand out having a car mostly JGY, while the bonnet and boot lid are JHF.

It will stand out I imagine.

Do you have pictures of both?

I look up online and they look very similar, hence why I’m asking here.

Go to any department store.

Go to the suit department.

Find a pair of black pants.

Now go to a different brand and find a “similar looking” black jacket.

Put them together.

They won’t match. Your car won’t match either. Chances are even if it was the same color, it would look different. It’s got 25+ years of sun on it.

The respray is inevitable. At least a similar color will make it easy on the painter.

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