Aristocat Kit Car

My kit is about to be shipped from England to Washington state. I will let you know how I get on. Will need some answers to issues, I am sure. My donor is a 1983 XJ6 that I am stripping down to reuse. Wish me luck.
1983 XJ6 Donor for kit car
1993 XJ40 VDP


Hi Richard…what model is it…xk140?..what are you getting shipped a body and chassis?..Steve

Steve, It is being called a XK120ish, but it is a little wider bodied, fiberglass with a removable hard-top and a new zinc dipped chassis. Also new gas tank, and pieces that I will make the footwell and bulkhead. The steering column and driveshaft is shortened by them at Autotune (in England) to fit.

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Best of luck with your project!

How about pictures. Sounds interesting

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So it’s a coupe of sorts with a removable top
You will have to send further photos with progress being made

Love that color. I’m a blues man!