AST lowering springs for 4/93 xj4o

A year ago I did an extensive search for springs to lower my XJ40. Not slammed but just an inch or so and also attempting to retain the ride quality. I found a site called SpringRates owned by Mr. Sean Taylor. As I had the money at the time I went ahead and ordered them. BIG mistake. As the car had been sitting up for 6 years there was lots to do. Interior moldy, electrical issues, everything leaked, etc. The springs he was selling were AST. I have used AST on other cars with success. This time when I opened the box, surprise surprise. They do not fit. Mr. Taylor is making this a warranty issue and will not help me in anyway. I feel it is fitment issue not a warranty issue. He is passing the buck on to AST. I feel that it would have made no difference when I opened the box, they do not fit. I am out 600$ and not even I am sorry. I have contacted AST but don’t think anything is going to happen. I do not hold them responsible as I purchase the springs from Mr. Taylor’s company, not AST. As his site assures they fit he should make sure they do. He suggested I sell the springs to recoup my money. I said I could if I just knew what they fit. Did he know what they fit? No answer. I just want to warn everyone that the AST springs do not fit and that SpringsRates is bailing out on the whole thing. I am attaching pictures of the receipt and the springs next to the stock rear spring.

Daniel …

I did a quick check and if it’s the same company SPRINGRATES is located in Jacksonville Florida. Not just an internet company.

First make sure they don’t have a “no return” policy anywhere in writing. I would then send a certified mail letter to them explaining the situation and request a refund. Keep a copy of the letter. Make several calls asking for a refund and document the times, dates, and names of the people you talk to. You’ll want this documentation when you contact the Better Business Bureau (They love documentation).

The BBB is a strong consumer advocate and gets good results.

“Mr. Taylor is making this a warranty issue” ??

I would stay he is, yes. He states his warranty only extends for 30 days. I say it is not warranty it is fitment. It makes no difference when I opened the box, the springs do not fit. Using his reasoning either the AST springs have shrunk or the stock springs swelled in the past year.

He also stated that my priorities (fixing electrical, leaks, redoing interior,etc.) were personal issues and non of his concern. I guess that’s true, although I was just trying to explain why I did not get to it right away. I am just one man and can’t do everything at once. Something has to be first, second, third, etc. Man is not very understanding. The springs have not been out of the box so he could resell them for full price. I think as he does not know what they fit anymore than I do, who would he sell them to?

By the way, this is all by email so I have a record of our conversations. This is not hearsay. I like your suggestion of the BBB. I had forgotten about them. Thanks.

Your first clue you were buying something wrong should have been the description. Springs from 87-95 are not all the same. There was a radical change in 1994.

Probably. I am new to Jaguars and this is my first. It is an XJ12 and some things I am finding out are common to others (the six for instance) and some things are not. I even offered to split the cost with him. I guess I am having to learn the hard way. Some things are not even available and you have to work around them. My power steering pump leaked like a sieve. No pumps and no kits. Measured the cross section of o-rings and diameter. Made my own kit. Sealed up tight now.

I keep forgetting my manners. I want to thank you all for the help and furthering my Jaguar education. It has been somewhat steep but interesting. I am looking forward to getting the car all done and driving it. As it set up for so song it only has 83,323 miles on it. Unlike me a youngster. Thanks again.


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One more thought on fitment. How long should a part be guaranteed to fit? If the part is unmolested, unmodified, in other words exactly as it came from the factory…………… Always. If it fit once it will always fit. Now should it be guaranteed to work for the life of the product. Obviously not. Springs for instance have a life span. Over the years they loose tension and sag. So in this instance, if I was the producer I would not guarantee a spring to do its job for its life. However I would guarantee that it would fit. Again if it fits once it will always fit.
Mr. Taylor advertises on his web site that these springs fit 87-95 Jaguar XJ12 they do not. I would think a case could be made that no matter how much time has passed they should fit. I have contacted AST and as of yet they have not made a determination.


Maybe they fit the old XJ12, you know, the series 3 body style one that was in production up til (guessing) 1992?

Aftermarket mods can be a minefield as you have found out.

I don’t think the car itself has ever been modified by a third party. I am the 4th owner and have documentation of the first 3 along with the repair receipts. Who knows how it was changed or modified from the factory? The vin states it is a 4/93 car, but when it was imported the dealer re-registered it as a 94 and it has been titled as a 94 since that time. I order parts by s/n when possible. Some sites do not differentiate by serial number though, just by year. If I order as a 93 most times it doesn’t fit. So far if I order as a 94 they have all worked. Some sites have very little for a 93 but still have a good supply as a 94. Go figure. I have come to the conclusion that it is possibly somewhat of an orphan. I do like the car and am determined to make it drive worthy and drive and enjoy the car.

Would your ‘94 have the hybrid X300 rear suspension?

I’m sorry. I have no idea. I have no idea what a hybrid X300 suspension looks like. It came from the factory with self leveling. The self leveling system no longer works properly and I am going to convert it back to none self leveling with stock components. After I get this mess fixed of course. It would be nice to retain the self leveling if I could get it fixed. But the components are not available (not that I have found anyway) so I am going to convert and be done with it. Especially as if I could find components they will just get harder and harder to find as the system ages. So I thing the best thing is just to convert.

That’s also known as a 94MY suspension. Easy to tell. If your springs sit on the shock collar you don’t have that system.
If however, the spring sits on the control arm and that arm is cast, rather than pressed, you have what Robin is calling the hybrid X300 suspension. The VIN should tell you as well.

They sit on the shock collar.

What I am after with lowering the car is losing some of the gap between the top of the tire and the finder well. Looking at the stock setup I am wondering if I leave out those huge insulators. I have some .100 in teflon sheet. I can make an insulator. That would give me the 1 to 1.5 inch drop I am looking for. Of course that might require some fiddling with balancing it front to back. I for sure do not want it dragging its butt around. I want a balanced look. As my wife died 9 years ago I have nothing else to do, so do not mind tinkering some. It might not work but I already have the teflon and plenty of time. Would rather do it properly with springs but sometimes you have to get a little inventive.

Then sir, you have a 1993 model vehicle.

What kind of rear suspension was under the 94 model? Not questioning you. Curious and trying to further my education.

Thank you for your help.

Would it be the 94MY suspension you mentioned earlier?

Yes, the cast wishbone with spring sitting on the wishbone. Introduced in 1994MY and carried on to the next model, the X300.

Also, 1994MY cars don’t have glove boxes.