Aux. Heater Pump

(larry2236) #1

I’m going to replace the aux electric heater hose pump in my 95 4.0 6cyl. with some alternative pump since rebuilding the OEM is such a hassle getting new brushes & getting the thing apart. Does anyone have any info who sells a decent replacement pump, what will fit regarding & hose size & electric plug/wiring .
Tried re brushing the old one but can’t get the armature out because of bottom roller bearing, I’m thinking it’s pressed on, don’t know. Otherwise life is good…

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #2

See if they will ship you one or try Ebay for a used one.

(larry2236) #3

Hello Neil

Yes I’ve been on Ebay & noticed a few Co’s that sell manufactured pumps, I believe even here in the states. All seem to be around $100 .

I did take Lady P’s advise & ordered the brushes (Eurton in Calif. 800 423 4789. brush 33A size .15x.15x.35 mm). I’ll see how that works out. As said, if that armature would come out of that bottom roller bearing brush installation would be a snap. I back flushed the heater core & the pump looks good. I’ll let the Forum know end results. Thanks for the info.