Auxiliary Air Valve (AAV) rebuild kit

I have been offering Auxiliary Air Valve (AAV) rebuild service for quite a while now, but sending those units to me for a rebuild and waiting for them to come back might take a while depending on customers location so I have developed a rebuild kit for AAV. It includes new stainless steel piston, new stainless steel spring and new oem spec. thermal bulb with adapter for AAV.


Why is there a bolt in the pic?

Idle adjustment. Early AAV’s (pre-he) actually had extra fine thread bolt. That one is also available.

Does the bolt often warrant replacement? Or do you include that just because you’re a nice guy?

Both :)))
Sometimes they can be quite rusty…

Same with springs:

All the leftovers after rebuild:


Where did you get SS springs? You’re not fabbing those yourself, are you?

No I didn’t make springs myself, but they are custom made to order.

John, dumb question: Do you have a web site? Someplace with photos of all these wonderful parts you offer and a way to order them? Someplace we can easily send people to when they ask where to find such stuff?

If not there are a few quite easy suites that you can utilise to set up a site. I admin our club website and the only thing I leave to the profession is the HTML side of things, thats the fancy headers;

I don’t have a webpage, but most of the stuff I make, I list on ebay:
Of course prices are different then the ones I offer for forum members due to ebay commission.
Also JamesLove advertised some of my parts on his webpage as well:
Thanks James :wink:

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Can you contact me off list. I am interested in five of the rebuild kits.