Barn find id plz

(Vasilis) #1

Hello forum mates

I recently found some jags and I need your help to identifying them.!!
Probably custom convertible

(Vasilis) #2

(David Jauch) #3

This one is a Series III, by the door handles, windows, mirrors and so on.
Also not an US model.
Strips on doors, cutout and two tone paint are not original; the rims are all Jaguar and as you can tell it’s missing a lot. I‘d say it‘s not worth much. The first picture doesn’t work even though the text is blue!

(Vasilis) #4

ΜThank u for your time. I think some moderator fix the photo(:+1:)

It’s hard to find any vin number like this one! Have u ever seen one like this before?
I think it’s series 3 cabriolet by cabriolet international. Rhd automatic

(David Jauch) #5

Right, something‘s going on with the number. Hopefully someone with more knowledge can chime in. If it was a cabriolet maybe you can find the corresponding serial numbers?


Bog standard.
Play around on, and add the car :slightly_smiling_face:

(Vasilis) #6

Probably JB =japan… but what about the rest letters ? I have check almost everything in the internet… I couldn’t find any clue

Up: mystery solved ?

Series 3 XJ12 rhd automatic

(Vasilis) #7

One more question pls. The companies that used to make the cars convertible, were under Jaguar ambrella or indipented? If so do we know the vin of the cars that modified? Are they worthie or counts as custom …not worthy?

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #8

From the one picture I see, it is not a convertible.

Merely a sedan with a vinyl top. Fake convertible.
Fancied at one time in the USA and probably elsewhere.


(Vasilis) #9

I think it’s series 3 cabriolet by cabriolet international. I found one or two pics in the net and the Constaction is exactly the same. Also I read that cabriolet international Ltd used to make them convertible. But not sure what’s going on as it’s too difficult to find info about .

(Frank Andersen) #10

Certainly independent, Vasilis - I doubt if Jaguar would want to be associated with it…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

(Vasilis) #11

Thank you for your time

(PeterCrespin) #12

Avon was another company that mad convertible XJ models. In the Brochure section of the old website ( is a brochure from Avon with a car the same Greensand colour.

(Jochen Glöckner) #13


as much as there are some “true” XJ convertibles like this one
grafik or this one

, your car looks like a kind of landaulet - which may have trapped Carl into seeing a vinyl roof. The car has retained the metal frame along the windows and a steel front part (“T-bar”) around the sliding roof. Only the rear center part seems to fold back. In a much better state the car may look like this
or this

The source of the last picture hints at a Banham’s conversion, but at least wikipedia doesn’t mention they ever did XJ conversions, FWIW.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

(PeterCrespin) #14

I had a manual 3.6 Banham convertible XJS. It wobbled like a blancmange, despite deeper (raised) inner sills and stiffening tubes inserted in various places. The landaulette would be the stiffest chop I expect

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #15

There was an aftermarket company, I believed it was based in Germany that did a XJ Series III conversion. If I remember correctly the cars were prototypes or one off’s. I think there were a total 3 cars produced. I’m thinking it was kinda like the Hess XJ-S conversion.

I’ve got pictures someplace. I’ll see if I can find them.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #16


I am almost, but not quite convinced that you are correct. It is the way the vinyl fits down at the windshield that appears not to be a parting line.
The green car suggests the part line is just a bit further astern.


(Jochen Glöckner) #17

Yes, Carl, you’re right it doesn’t show very well on the pic of the white car. This one makes the roof arrangement clearer.

Both four-door landaulets seem to have extremely awkward folding techniques though …

Certainly better ventilation than in my car!



75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

(David Jauch) #18

And they look awkward. One was for sale here (Germany) recently. I don’t know why people did them but they must be strange. So we have long and short fourdoor, tudor, pickup, cabriolet, landaulet, touring and racecar and the as known variants? Hearse. What else? The XJS and the ghastly XK150 replica with SIII door handles, 4.2 and auto that is on ebay do not count.
Vasilis‘ is not factory original and I can’t remember the ebay one go for exceptionally much, even though it did look well kept and didn’t go cheap. But it is certainly special and not a redneck operation.

(Martin Scherz) #19

David you should be working on other important stuff this week instead of posting here in the middle of the night. Good luck on your presentation!

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I‘ve got the drawing roughed out and checked yesterday, incorporated a few changes and will present that today to check for errors, then I‘ll do the final drawing this afternoon and do the finishing touches tomorrow morning so I can get the stamp and signature from my boss. That leaves me with almost a days’ reserve and as I‘m not doing CAD not much can go wrong this time. Also it’s still the first drawing and minor alterations can still be made until next week.
(Background, I need to build a piece of furniture at the end of my apprenticeship and already running late my drawing program failed me for days so I have to re-present on Thursday). I figured that a few minutes of time off would do no harm :slightly_smiling_face: