Barrel lock removal and replacement

I have a barrel lock on a spare handle for the car I am restoring, I have a newly chromed handle without a lock fitted and I want to remove the old one and fit it to the newly chromed handle, I have looked on the forum for anybody that’s done it but cannot find an answer, how do they come apart ? and can you buy new one ? if it proves too hard I will re chrome the old handle and hope they can leave the lock turning free, but I would prefer to change the barrel if possible
Ideas and help much appreciated

For boot handle, a small screw on the underside holds the barrel in place. Care should be taken with screw removal as a replacement screw might be difficult to source. The screw needs to screw far enough into the replacement handle to have no protruding screw head so as to avoid potential scratching of the handle when operating. That may require some tiny machining to make replacement suitable for barrel fitment.

There should be a lock ring on the back side of the handle that holds all the guts in:


ry forgot to add pictures

Sorry forgot to add the pictures , now added, It is a door handle for the drivers side, I cannot see how the square peg could come out of the barrel as it does not recede below the hole it is in to allow the barrel to withdraw

Hmmm… That’s earlier than anything I have. Like my lock barrel above, maybe there is a press-fit pin that holds the square rod in place?

I have not worked on this particular lock but it is similar to the lock barrel used on the E-Type OTS boot lock/release mechanism. To get mine apart, I had to remove a small pin, above the square peg which allowed the square peg to be removed. You can see the small hole above the square peg which most likely contains the pin. Try a nail set and see if you can remove the pin.

Thanks Guys
It looks like the pin is not there, maybe its a roll pin, I will give it a go tonight and report back


Thanks for the info Frank
I could not see the pin due to corrosion, when I found it I tapped it out and was able to change the lock, the phots of the pin and lock were great


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