Barris XK120 does it again


The 1952 took best of jaguar at Greenwich!

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The drive up!


Well done! but… any photos of the engine compartment, rear spats don’t look right, convertible top, side curtains / tonneau ??? tools? missing front licence carrier, Hmmm

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It would be great to see some actual documentation this was done by Barris?

The car was coming off a rain storm and fog with the angle in the morning.
It was being wiped down, It Barris gold with metal flake making the colors flip until wiped down.
It was smoothed out by Barris removing a lot of the the chrome which was overall tastfully done.
Compared to other creations that were over the top to my eye.
A special CARSON top was made with a 2 inch height addition for him to get in…
All those documents are in my book as well.
Phillip Porter who was at Amelia, loved the overall effect and will be doing something soon in xk along with Jaguar world.
Just lovely…
Pics to follow with Gable dropping it off to Barris in late 52 early 53 , which that picture still hangs on the wall at the shop which his daughter Jogi and grandson still operate.
Engine is completelty stock …The previuos owner Joe Cantorie who before passing had a WONDERFUL car collection. He averaged a car at Pebble Beach almost EVERY year.
PICS to follow…Enjoy.

One of the many pictures in the books I got had these two interesting shots…
Whether he was trying to recreate the Duesy
Look to the Jag I’m not sure BUT the effect is very similar
With the whole rear plinth removed it does look very curvy…

Just two of over 200 pages of letters,notes paint chips and restoration work
I just took it fast sorry if it’s crooked
They are all displayed for the shows

The Original badges were brought back to Barris in 2010 and restored not remade for the fenders…
Also the carson top registry also the add in 1953 using Gable in the add with the top!
It’s a unique piece

A wonderful picture delivering the car to the shop late 1952 early 1953
Note the cig always in hand!
Real men…
That picture is still on the wall at Barris today in his office/shrine


Certainly the best looking removable top I’ve seen. For those of us that went through the hell of trying to make one of these cars straight, I doubt any of us can look at one of these cars and appreciate it without picking it apart to death. Spats are murder to get to fit right, these appear to be “flexed” into position. Nice to see even the most coveted cars suck. LOL!

Joey, that’s a beautiful car.
I wonder if it’s this one…here’s a screen shot from a movie on tv. Sorry, but I don’t remember the name of the movie.

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Boy, you sure got that right. It’s a beautiful shape but aesthetically very unforgiving of any deviation from straight, and very difficult to achieve. This one’s in a class all its own.

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Nick , Gary , Monte, Thank you…
I was blessed that the complete restoration was done by the last owner.
And many others, but if you know the above, Joe C. would only use the best.
There was well over $375,000 in the complete restoration.
The restoration started 9 years ago and took almost 3 1/2 to complete.
The bumpers are CNC one off in pure stainless then polished to 3,000 rpm so they never pit or rust.
You can see the CENTER of you pupil on the reflection of the frame rails…
Its as close to perfect if there is a thing ?
Its already showing slight wear from going around, but Its better to be seen than sit in a garage.
I’m having fun with it and hopefully can enjoy it till the next caretaker comes along!
Thanks again.
P.S. I cannot image the patience needed to make the body look so good.
Gary…Almost forgot, In my papers there was an article with him driving the car in that picture you have.
That was a grey car with brown/tan ish interior.
This car came from the factory with red interior , the body was grey, switched to BARRIS GOLD.
As per Hornburg delivery.

Closer inspection, Nick is in the back round working on the car…Bahhhaaaa
Also look at the 14 year old car driving past the shop.
That’s how advanced the 120 really was.

The movie still screen shot is from “To Please a Lady” made in 1950, about Indy car racing, starring Clark Gable and Barbara Stanwyck.
The duo-tone seats and location of the radio antenna suggest that it is likely Gable’s own car 670003, California license 56A2443.

Gable’s only other XK120 of which there is an official record was 672282, registered MDU 420.

Another beautifully straight car.

Do you think maybe celebs got the best examples? Some of the cars coming off the assembly line in old factory footage don’t seem to have the same high level of fit.

Certainly quite a few Hollywood people had 120s; Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall, Michael Wilding & Elizabeth Taylor, Tyrone Power, Ray Milland, Randolph Scott. But perhaps none of them had the high level of fit we see today in restored cars.

I’ve wondered if Gable got special treatment beyond first dibs, posing with Lyons and all, one would think it highly likely that cars were built knowing, especially in this case, who the first owner would be. I suppose you couldn’t get much higher profile and exposure than car enthusiast Clark Gable at the time.

Thought I read he actually had owned several 120’s

The UK place I bought my 120 panels from said there exists a photo of Gable posing with a new 120 in a bad light, their words, “the body work was all over the place”. So far I have not come across this photo, anyone?

The elimination of the single chrome “eyelash” on each headlight pod, plus the deletion of the side marker lamps, really cleans up the sexy lines of that snoot!

I still hate the wheel spats, though…:yum: