Battery and Starting Mystery

Well I had a new Optima battery, red top. Worked for a year. Then my 72 E Type wouldn’t turn over. I called Optima and they said to recharge the battery in paralell with non-AGM battery. That worked for about 3 months. Hooked up my Dad’s Die Hard and she cranks over. Bought second new battery (non-AGM) and while the clock and interior light work, the hazards will not and she won’t turn over.

Even the red choke light won’t turn on.

Was thinking about replacing the wires that connect to the battery. Was thinking although they look OK from outside, may be compromised internally.

Would love some help diagnosing this issue. Is it the ghost of Lucas haunting me? Bad fuse? Etc.?

Thank you!

If I read this right: You had problems with the Optima and now similar issues with a lead-acid battery?

I would be checking out the charging system starting with the alternator.

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Yes, that and check to see if you have some kind of current draw going on when the car is parked and the key is out of the ignition.

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First and foremost, I would disconnect, thoroughly clean then re-assemble and tighten ALL battery and starter cable and wire connections, most especially the ground straps from the engine to the body. If it does not even crank with a known good battery connected, there is something wrong in the wiring, switch, solenoid, etc.

Ray L.

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Check out this link, click on the blue hyperlink