Battery MK IV replacement

Anyone have a source for Lucas reproduction battery for a MK IV 12 v

Barretts offer this one.

Rubber Cased Battery - Classic style

The MkIV has the battery offset to the left hand side and originally used a lower height but longer battery. I’m not sure if there is enough height clearance under the bonnet for the type of battery that Tim has suggested. Worth checking.


Peter is probably right. I just remembered this one when I was looking for one for my MKV. Here are the dimensions anyway.

Rubber cased classic black battery - 12V, 63 AMP

Supplied and shipped dry charged - will need filling with acid and charging prior to use. Length = 9.75" Height = 7.75" Width = 6.5". Required acid quantity just less than 4 litres


I’m back, after being off line for a week dealing with computer problems.
Here is the one I got from Antique Auto Battery in OH. I’ve lost all my bookmarks but I believe they had a change in ownership and name, possibly Jim’s Battery.

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