Bear with me...a mobile phone holder

Talk about First World problems…

I’m looking for a phone holder that will clamp on to the lip of the dashboard top, where it protrudes over the instrument panel, air vents, etc.

I am presently tolerating a suction-fit one but, inevitably, it falls off from time to time. I have another which is pushed into one of the centre air vents but when in use, it obviously covers that and some of the switches.

Something like this but less hideous-looking. The clamp part is the important bit.

I swear by these - I have them in all my cars. I have the high mounted one in my X308 with the magsafe holder for my iPhone but there are lots of choices.

Attached some photos to show my fitting in XJ8.

Not sure how well this system works for smartphones, but with my flip phone (yes, I still use one) I have used this same design on all my Jags. Basically, just get a roll of black Velcro tape (e.g. at W-M) and affix a strip of one side (either the “wooly” or the “minihooks”) of it to the backside of your phone and the other side of the tape strip to a “reachable” area on the opposite side of your trans. tunnel from which you sit. When you need your phone, just “peel” it off the matching strip on the trans tunnel and stick it back on it when done. voila!

Love a flip phone. You just can’t get them here.

Errrr…I think Mr Samsung would beg to differ :slight_smile:

I was thinking the older style that so many folk still use in the US and not the snazzy smartphones…

Thanks for your reply.

The Brodit thing would work if the drop-down contained my phone model. I’ve pinged them an email asking if they have it but just not yet added to their database. That would be strange for a phone that’s almost 2 years old but hey ho!

Because several of the family drive our cars and they all have different devices, I bought one of the adjustable holders.

I had to look at a few of them to find one with the right dimensions but they work just fine.

Mine is made by some Chinese co. called “ZTE” … sold in the U.S. by Consumer Cellular … I think though, ever since a new owner bought out CC last year, they are now trying to phase out their sole remaining model of flip phone, the Link II. :slightly_frowning_face: Pretty soon all of us srs. will have no choice but to learn them fancy new phones, like it or not. :laughing: I say this, yet a good friend of mine (and former J-Ler member, in fact) in FL, close to 80 now, still uses his BEEPER … :open_mouth:

A beeper - now you’re talking.

Actually, I think he is a bit “prejudiced” perhaps by the fact that back in his/their day he owned the largest beeper service co. in FL … :moneybag: :smile: