Beats a covered wagon and rowboat, but come on

I hope I’m still alive when it gets here. Remind me not to use DHL ever again.

I think that’s just Singapore. I just recently ordered a couple of CD player belts from Singapore, the only place I could find them online. It took 5 weeks for the envelope to arrive.

I have purchased a number of parts from AH Spares and from Superformance in the past year. All have been shipped with DHL. I always receive the parts in Oklahoma within four days.

I buy loads of parts from AH Spares, and they often don’t get to me that quickly.

They’re 40 miles away…

While building the TC Special I received the crank shaft from the UK in 8 days, the 5spd in 9 days and the 9 foot long crate containing the body in 11 days.

Note that it says the item was in Frankfurt on the 18th of Jan.

Maybe 2 months to get to NC from Frankfurt … for crying out loud, we have had astronauts make the round trip to the moon in 10 days.

(That was a “If we can land a man on the moon…” reference. An oldie but goodie)

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Or, if ya believe it ever actually happened.


It’s somewhere else: it was sent by air and is already in Frankfurt. They’re usually quick.
If they ship it it takes about 6 weeks to Germany; I complain after 8… the holdup bust be somewhere else, maybe there’s a ship from Germany or so. Or it will arrive in the next few days, instead.

Yes, but I don’t think I’d want to pay what that cost for shipping parts…