Best way to authenticate 1948 MK IV 3.5?

Hello all, I recently purchased a 1948 Jaguar MK IV 3.5. I believe it is all original. What is the best way to authenticate?


Check and take pics of the chassis number, engine number, gearbox number and body number and send those with proof of ownership and an application for a JHT certificate, costs about £40 GBP.


Hello Fred, congratulations on your acquisition. In your quest to authenticate originality, the certificate step suggested by Pekka will help. Also, if you post photos here, those who follow these threads could comment on originality or perceived alterations. Our members here are a pretty friendly group with long interests in the cars.

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Welcome Fred.
The chassis number is stamped on the chassis left side rail near the front.
The engine number is stamped on a flat boss just above the starter motor.
The body number is stamped on a tag which is riveted to the firewall (scuttle) on the left side.
The gearbox (trans) number is stamped on the top cover and on the left side of the main cast iron case on a flat boss at the upper rear corner.
These numbers should agree with those stamped on the Jaguar Cars identification plate on the firewall right hand side.
When you apply for a JDHT certificate, you have to supply those numbers; they will not supply any missing numbers.


Check on Check for numbers near to yours, should give you an idea.