Better buy some baby powder

J&J announced they are discontinuing production of baby powder. Since that is about the cheapest source of talcum powder for installing inner tubes, you might want to catch a bottle before it’s gone. I just ordered a 4oz bottle for under $3 at Amazon. Free delivery. Social distancing.

Does the corn silk stuff work for installing inner tubes?

Do a search on tire talc. I think you’ll find there are lots of folks that will sell it to you.

Corn starch, and I would think it’d be OK.

J&J isn’t the only manufacturer.

It might, but I’m leery of putting something organic in there that might break down over time.


I agree but it is dirt cheap compared to most others. I would also expect the trial lawyers to start heading after them in the future as well

Anybody sued them for getting cancer from installing inner tubes yet?

Not a big enough pool for the lawyers to go after😎


Also, the area of application is different…:joy::joy::joy:

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It’s 95% of lawyers that give the rest of them a bad rap…