Bettie's Engine Rebuild Update October 21, 2019

My head was returned to Coventry West yesterday from the machine shop. Full Steam Ahead! Hopefully I will have my motor back before Christmas…


Congrats on the milestone, John. Out of curiosity when did your engine first arrive at CW? I know it’s somewhere in your earlier posts, but I’m too lazy to look. :wink: If I ever have to have mine rebuilt I plan to use Dick.

Are you having Dick rebuild the water pump while he has everything there? It’s well worth the minimal added cost, IMO.

This journey started back in January.

Yes it was rebuilt even though it only had 1,500-2,000 miles on it since it was rebuilt last time. Like you said, no sense not doing it now. New clutch is going in too.

My head was done by a local MoPar hemi drag race guy. It is said that our somewhat odd valve stem diameter is the same as old hemis. He put valve seals on the intakes with no drama as he had the right sizes on hand, and seemed able to deal with whatever machining was required. Unfortunately he did sink one valve, despite my warnings, and I had to get a thin bucket from an XJ6 to make the clearance. I did the final assembly. While everyone will say to have a Jaguar specialist do your machine work, I think drag race shops are OK if they deal in old junk and have good old timers and new equipment.


Me Too. Hi John, “tis the season”… On my “before winter hibernation program”, a review of my snag list for Sylvia includes an engine out and some machine shop work.

K&S Engine shop in Kelowna is a long-time reputable firm that builds racing engine and has done work for me before on my 4.2 engine. I had the head rebuilt last Spring by a local specialty head shop to replace the guides and valve seats.

However I still have a few outstanding items such as low comps in two cylinders. That and an unusually high oil consumption has me leaning towards a need for an overbore and broken rings replacement and having the deck skimmed to eliminate head gasket seeps…
“While I’m in there” I will be bumping up the pots with 9:1 pistons, replacing all crank bearings (although my OP is excellent with 60 psi cold / 45 hot) and new seals at both ends.

This is not as formidable as it sounds, been there before over the past 30 years of ownership. My friends have suggested that the engine should be put together with wing-nuts as it cuts down on critical pit-stop times. Keep going John, best regards, Brian / Mytype


Sounds like a good winter project for you. :slight_smile: Enjoy.

Thanks John, good luck with your project too


Here is the 3.8 head polished and ready to be painted and assembled.