Bird of Prey , Blackbird eater!

Hayabusa , Japanese for Peregrine Falcon .
Honda had the Blackbird , fastest bike in the world , So Suzuki developed the Hayabusa , Bird of Prey , Blackbird eater :grin:

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Yes…not for the faint hearted…saw a few of them at the drag racing at the recent “Burt Munro Challenge” a couple of weeks ago…10 second quarter miles seemed effortless to a few of them…

I did have a ZZR1100 , had that about 10 years , time for a change , see this add

I got the bike for little more then the wheels and exhuast cost new !

Looking through the paper work when I got the bike home , the Orange ticket fell out .

I have added a lot of titanium , and shed a bit more weight off it , should see 200 mph now !

Still have my Mr Turbo ZZR1100 :sunglasses:

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“Bird of Pray” - Freudian slip, or wot? :slight_smile: I’d be praying at 189.7

Having said that, of the eight competitive disciplines I dabbled in, sprinting was the least exciting. Once you’d launched and were one or two seconds into the run, the rest was just 10+ seconds of wondering if the engine would blow up. No red mist, no overtakes, no elbows banging… A sport for people who like technical stuff and engine building as much or more than riding, IMO.

A slip , Prey :+1: , I never Pray :grin:

Hayabusa… one of THE most repurposed bike engines, ever!

WHAT!!! … A turbocharged ZZR1100…What Mach No. does it achieve???


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