Birthday Cake for Me?

I just noticed something today about my posts … next to the U.S. flag, there is what appears to be a piece of (birthday?) cake … :cake: <–(same as what is on the posts) Never noticed this before. My b.d. was back in September, so what is the piece of cake doing on my posts? :confused:

I think virtually everybody has it. Jag-lovers birthday, probably.

Apparently, they must think I need to be on a diet as no piece of cake has been offered me. :cry:

Check back in 8 days. You’ll be 1.

Nov 13, I gather, was the day the new site was born and existing accounts ported over

My existing account from the old site was never ported over (at least not that I know or have figured out). I re-registered on the new site when I moved (my mechanic was in Daytona Beach and we moved to Asheville) and I started doing my own work again, that was maybe two years ago?

Tap on it and you might change your thoughts about it.

Same question asked and answered exactly one year ago:

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That was last year:joy::rofl: Hell, I didn’t even recall I had asked!

Thanks for the cake. it was delicious and low cal.


Next year I’d prefer Mississippi Mud Cake, but I really like chocolate.

For those not blessed with the knowledge of how to make it.

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Marzipan covered cake for me, please.

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Babies? :wink: