Bleeding The Clutch on E Type SIII

I need to bleed the clutch on my SIII. First I jacked up the car, found the clutch slave, but the nipple is on top and I couldn’t get to it (there’s 1/2" foam wrapping the bell housing and transmission so it’s very tight on top.

I then removed the carpet on the console hump, and found a 3" access hole and a 2" access hole and removed the rubber caps. I can see the bottom and right side of the slave to the left and above the 2" hole, but I can’t see or get my fingers in there to find the nipple.

All the posts here make it seem so simple. I’m out of ideas and very frustrated.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

This is a messy job in my experience! I have a lift so getting access is easier than it would be with just a jack. I bent a cheap wrench to better access the bleed nipple from below. I also use long needle nose pliers to attach a rubber tube to catch as much fluid as possible but lots of rags are necessary. Once attached, bleed as normal.

You really need better acces to under the car if your going to maintain it yourself…consider a lift of some type…at a minimum to get to the slave cylinder you need the front of the car up on wheel ramps or jacked high enough to easily get to tbe cylinded…there us nothing really difficult about bleeding once you have access from undrneath…as a warning do not rely on jacks to work under the car…make sure you stay safe with plenty of robust supports…Steve

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