Bling without the zing!

This is on offer from one of the usuals here in the UK . Looks good in the advert but it’s an insignificant piece of crap . Mine didn’t come close to fitting , so it’s going back . And at a hundred quid , not cheap .

Too bad. Looks nice.

Wow, hundred quid… I have a CNC machine in our factory which would mill that quickly and easily out of a shiny piece of aluminium… I´m in the wrong buisness… :slight_smile:

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Careful: you might start getting orders!!!

And the holes in yours would be in the right place :+1:

Just thought I’d ask , is there any difference in the spacing of the camshaft studs throughout the XK range .


I don’t think so. All the cam covers I’ve ever had fit all the cylinder heads I’ve ever had, bolt wise, not regarding the RH side (exhaust) tach feed opening/fitting.


I do not believe there is… so you can fill orders from 120s, all the way to S3 engines!

…which my rat rod is powered by.

No hint, er nuthin’.


That’s what I thought , thanks for the confirmation :+1:.

You could bend the tabs and make it fit.
And paint the lettering with mat black paint?
I wonder why they didn’t use the original Jaguar font.

The tabs though out of line , are not the real problem , it’s the main body , which needs to be filed to allow the tabs to move further towards the centre and thus allow the holes to line up . A bit off each end , about 3/16ths in total . They have sold hundreds , and my car is the only one that they don’t fit , of course ! They are sending another one .

Looks like they are trying to mimic the font on the spinners/knock-offs. Looks pretty hideous to me, but I guess others think differently…

Cam cover bolt pattern is the same throughout the XK range. Here’s a pair of 48-52 eight stud cam covers fitted to a 420 straight port head.

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