Blower Intermittent on Slow Speed

Hello Everyone,

Here’s a new one. The blower works fine when the car is first started but as the interior gets warm and the blower slows down, the operation becomes intermittent. If I move to the medium speed, the intermittent goes from slow to fast. I guess I will need to get in behind the glove box. Has anyone else gone through this?


Darren W. Garansi.

From memory thats how the system was supposed to work, the heater gets the car to the desired temp and them modulates the blower speed to maintain it, when you change the temp setting does the blower become stable again for a while?

No, something else is going on. The problem is intermittent in the medium speed also. The blower sometimes cuts out at and in abruptly. I,be had this car for 9 years, so I know the difference.

Can you determine whether it is both blowers cutting out or just one? Have you removed the climate control panel and checked to see if the wiring connector is securely plugged in?

Ok didn’t know your history with the car.

IIRC the blower operation varies depending on whether the systems is set to AUTO or MANUAL. What is yours set to?

Fuse box cracked/cold solder joint

Have the relays in the blowers ever been replaced?

Hi Joe,

They have not been replaced. I was looking on the vehicle relay location chart and they are not listed.

Thanks, I’ll check the fuse panel this weekend.

Darren the relays are inside the blowers. You will need to remove the blowers to check although I believe there are posts that describe doing it while they are still in the car.
Its a PITA to remove one of the blowers, certainly the drivers side on a RHD on XJ40 the left one not so bad.