Blower motor sound

I will try…for that ebay i wrote some days ago but he does not ship to Italy

Max …

If your driver side fan (but not both fans) is having ANY problems it has to come out to be repaired. That includes strange noises, intermittent operation, not running at all speeds, etc.

There are only two exceptions that I can think of …

  1. If the fan is not running there are two relays inside the assembly that you can actually remove through the door (flap). It’s very tricky but it is possible to reach in through the door and just be able to grab the top of the relays, unplug and remove them for testing with the fan assembly still in the car.
    But to be quite honest I don’t know what those relays affect so I’ll my electrical diagram.

  2. If the fan is working properly but making strange noises you can modify your shop vacuum hose to fit inside the assembly door. If there is some debris rubbing against the squirrel cage fan you might be able to suck it out. I wouldn’t hold out much hope but who knows.

I’d say the odds are about 98% that the Darlington transistor is the problem. VERY common failure and over the years I’ve had to remove both my fans and that was the problem each time. A couple of dollars, a little work with a soldering iron, and I was back in business. This was years and years ago and no problems since.

Groove my initial problem was just that the driver side motor started making a noise similar to that of a war helicopter, everything worked but it was just very loud … then it started to give in and be intermittent, until it is not dead permanently

Might have been full of water (condensate) - make sure your AC drains are clear - take the blower out and have a look at it. If necessary dismantle it, anything can be repaired. Fit new transistor as a matter of course.

Max …

I noticed that you first posted your blower problem about 5 months ago and since you’re still seeking advice I don’t think the problem is going to solve itself.

I’m afraid that you (or your mechanic) are just going to have to bite the bullet and pull out the fan assembly to see what’s going on. Granted it’s not the easiest thing to get to but, hey, it’s a Jaguar :smiley:

you are right … back from vacation I will dedicate myself to this repair since new or used is nowhere to be found